Shoes made in collaboration with traumatologists and rheumatologists to achieve the best combination of design and comfort. Handcrafted with the highest quality skins. Ultra-comfortable anatomical design, with metatarsal olive insole to guarantee good support and rest for the foot.

Ideal for your long working hours


  • Adaptation to foot movements, facilitating efficient walking, and reduced fatigue
  • Easy to remove and put on by its zipper
  • Light weight, approx 300 gr, reducing fatigue
  • Stability and flexibility: Stable footwear, which frees the ankle joint and allows mobility of the fingers
  • Protection of the tarsal and metatarsal joints
  • Shock damping to reduce back strain as you walk over smooth, hard ground
  • Grip and propulsion: Non-slip, with good friction properties


  • Physiological last on a straight longitudinal axis keeping a correct relationship between the width of the heel and the forefoot
  • Light, flexible, resistant, non-slip sole to favor grip on both dry and wet floor. Wear resistance
  • Wide base heel about 3 cm height or with platform about 4 cm height
  • Closed toe, widened to allow free movement of the fingers
  • Metatarsal olive insole for better support and rest of the foot
  • Zipper and lace-up closure, allows a better fit; or velcro closure ideal for wide feet
  • Materials: The 100% natural leather from which it is made has a process that allows easy cleaning. Perforated and lined interior to allow proper breathability

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